SnickerDoodle Bars (AKA Siren Bars)

snickerdoodle bars

Howdy hungry readers!

So some of you may be wondering if my recent hiatus has been due to my wishful dream of moving to Austin, Texas.  Kind of. Except we didn’t move to Texas :( but we did move to Sunny California! I got a job offer in Oakland which put us in the amazing Bay Area! And while Texas will forever have my heart, for the next few years at least this beautiful piece of land has our bodaaays.

Also, a big shout out to one of my favorite bloggers Smitten Kitchen for a link-back on our (now) famous Blue Sky Bakery Muffins! 

I hadn’t checked the blog in a few weeks and randomly a couple weeks ago went to peak at my blog’s dashboard and was blown away by the THOUSAND PLUS page views!!! I mean I realize to some big-time food bloggers 1,000 views is pocket change. But to little ol’ me that is a HUGE FRICKEN DEAL! I mean basically I decided then and there that I was internet famous.

(Although I should warn you I was internet famous on BuzzFeed for a weekend awhile back – Friday Night Lights fans, anyone?)

OK that’s enough about me.

Now let’s get back to you and your tummy! And in this post’s case, your sweet tooth.

These little gems are ridiculously easy. Like it takes maybe 10 minutes to whip them up…a little longer to bake… but lets be honest it’s the prep time we judge a recipe by.

The more things there are to chop/mince/grate the more OTHER recipes I’m looking at.

These bars are also like dude-crack. Or like Sirens? Siren bars! Don’t get me wrong, these things are good, the ladies love them too.  They’re sugary, cinnamony, buttery chewy goodness in a bar form. But the dudes… even the “Oh I don’t really like sweets” dudes LOOOOOOOOVE them.

I don’t know what it is about them that seems to attract the male folks. But every time I’ve made these my husband eats like 20 and any other guy who gets a taste tells me how much he loves them for up to 2 weeks after they’ve been digested.

So now lets get to baking… and gracing the men in our lives with a thing of beauty.

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Austin & Migas



I’m a hippy.

I don’t actually hug trees (although I do like them!) and for the most part I bathe (unless it’s the weekend!) and I HATE drum circles (always).

But I’m pretty down with the idea of putting your desires out into the universe to actualize them.

Is this even a hippy-specific concept?  I’m not sure but when I think of “putting stuff out into the universe” I instantly picture women with long flowy skirts and long tangled hair dancing around a campfire with drums – ya know – putting stuff out into the universe?

Shit… would that be a drum circle?  Or a witches brew?

OK now I’m getting distracted.

My point is.  I want to move to Austin.  Like big time.  Like I want to have a family and buy a house and get another dog and go to the park and join a book club and take my kids to T-ball and live and work and love in Austin.

That is what I want.

Right now.  I don’t live in Austin (obviously).  But I’m working on making it happen.  And I’ve put it out into the universe.

So we’ll see what the universe wants.

Dear universe… can that please be Austin?  Please. 

So while we’re waiting let’s bring some Austin into the kitchen and our bellies!

With some MIGAS!

Migas aren’t necessarily Austin-specific but they are one of my favorite things to eat when I’m there – at Kerbey Lane – where I always wait at least 30 minutes for a table because it’s always packed because EVERYTHING is really delicious.  Especially the Migas.

What are Migas you ask?  Well they’re like heaven on a plate.  Peppers, onions, eggs, corn tortillas and cheese magic.  Can I eat these for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner and snack amazingness.

And you can get them at Kerbey Lane.  Or you can MAKE them.


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Shrimp Butter Lettuce ‘Tacos’

photo 2

Heya Trusty Readers!

So I finally actually have a decent excuse for being so absent :0

Sweets and I got MARRIED!  It was a ridiculously amazing day and I’d gush and gush but know you all probably don’t come here to read stuff about weddings… but if you want to check out our wedding blog.

OK so now back to the grub!  This post is dedicated to all those folks out there who enjoy making food at home… but don’t necessarily enjoy all the chopping/prepping that goes hand and  hand with cooking.  Specifically my super-awesome friend Drew Lage! (hi DREW!)

And really, who am I kidding, this goes out to pretty much everyone out there.  Because even if you do find your happy place in the kitchen – who hasn’t found themselves getting off late work late, still  needing to go grocery shop, and still wanting to whip something special up to celebrate your ONE MONTH wedding anniversary.

Shrimp Tacos with a Green Shell!

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Lamb Meatballs over Zucchini Noodles with Mint Pesto (now that’s a mouthful)

lamb meatball - zuch noodles - mint pesto

Today as I was heating up my dinner leftovers for lunch in the office microwave – one of the sales lady’s walked by and said that my lunch smelled so good that she was tempted to steal it right out of the nuker.

I am very glad she resisted temptation – because I would have punched her in the face.

And mind you I am very much a lover NOT a fighter.

But last night’s dinner was (excuse my french) effing delicious and I knew the leftovers were going to be just as good and there was no way in hell I was going to share.

I even like this lady a fair amount!  She compliments my hair when it’s down and outfits when they merit mention – but my belly would hear nothing of such niceties! It wanted to eat!

So maybe I didn’t share my lunch with the sales lady… and perhaps I mentally threatened to punch her face… not my finest moment I’ll admit it.  But it’s all good because now I’m going to share the recipe!  So all is forgiven!  Right?

Lamb Meatballs over Zucchini Noodles with Mint Pesto 

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Stuffed Bell Peppers (like no Caveman made them before)

paleo stuffed peppers

The latest health  craze has made its way into the little kitchen of Sweets and I.

Inspired by the way cave-folks ate – Paleo – is meant to include foods that Tarzan ate.  Lots of meats, fish, eggs and veggies and all the spices your heart can dream of and a big fat NO to most of that white fluffy stuff – pasta, bread, sugar, pastries.   And a very tragic no to dairy… sweet delicious dairy… in all the cheesy goodness forms it comes.

At this very moment there is a montage playing of me enjoying cheese in various states… the song Secret Lovers by Atlantic Starr is playing.  It’s a beautiful moment.

So that’s a pretty simplified and maybe slightly uneducated description of what Paleo means but you can find a fancier explanation here.

paleo stuffed peppers

Most meals you make at home can be modified in some shape or form to meet Paleo standards – replace bread with butter lettuce or cabbage – sub cheese for avocado – instead of ice cream blend up a frozen banana with some coconut milk – don’t eat a bag of Cheetos.

paleo stuffed peppers

And for this meal in the kitchen of Sweetie and Kneez – sub couscous for Cauliflower “rice.”  And yes I know what you’re thinking – chances are cavemen did not dust off their food processor to “rice” a head of Cauliflower.

But alas it’s 2013 and that’s just want these cave-lovebirds did.

If rice-rice is more your thang than cauli-rice (or couscous) – have at it – carb this sucker up.  But one day you should try to sub rice with cauliflower – just to switch things up or try something new – it’s quite delicious!

Spicy (paleo) Stuffed Bell Peppers

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Almost-Paleo Pad Thai Spaghetti

almost-paleo pad thai

I’m sensing a trend… in my kitchen.

A trend that’s rubbing off on my blog.

And by rubbing off I mean on the heels of one Spaghetti Squash recipe, you’re about to get another.

It’s also another recipe I hadn’t really planned on blogging – but I feel like I’d be a real cheenchster if I didn’t – which means you’ll be getting another less than awesome food photo but it comes attached to  DELICIOUS recipe so it’s OK, right?

Pale-OH Spaghetti Squash Chicken Pad Thai

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Spaghetti Squash with Basil & Arugula Pesto

Spaghetti Squash Pesto

As ya’ll have noticed… I’ve recently fallen trap to being a lazy blogger.  And given that when I decide on something (i.e. being a lazy blogger) I like to go all out – I usually don’t plan on blogging our meals – which means I don’t take any photos of the cooking process.

But then the dish is complete, and it’s effing amazing and I really want to share it with you!  And then I realize I have a green pesto dish piled into a green bowl, and the photo kind of sucks.  But I have a hunch you don’t read this blog for my mad photography skillz… so I go ahead and snap a photo for the sake of having at least one picture and I’ll tell myself: “Don’t forget to blog this recipe.”

But I forget.

And then a few weeks go  by and I’m purging my 600 plus iPhone photos and see that green-on-green dish and remember my promise and log into to your very favorite cooking blog (right?) and start this post.

Side Note: We’ve been cutting carbs and sugar out of our home-diet and Spaghetti Squash has to be one of the best vessels for anything we may have made with pasta/rice/quinoa before.   I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to discover it!

Side-Side Note: As of Saturday I started an 8-week Paleo Challenge, which along with carbs and sugars means no dairy (SAY WHAT?!?!?!) so as much as I loved the cheese in this dish you can certainly leave it out, which I will be doing next time I whip this gem up.

Basil & Arugula Pesto over Spaghetti Squash “Noodles”

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