I’m working 9-6 – gotta do some cookin’

oats, pasta salad and salad salad
Now let's get this week started!

Work, work, work.

and some more…


The new job kind of work.

That’s where we’ve been.

Sweets is out on the road slangin’ fine wine to the greater metro area.

And I’m geeking out over news and all things web at the local CBS affiliate.

New jobs and new responsibilities means Sweets and I are fiddling with this brand spankin’ new schedule to figure out a fresh routine.

So here we are, a few ‘no-posts’ weeks later.  Offering an official Sweetie & The Kitchen apology and a post devoted to saving some time during YOUR busy work week.

So after some Friday night blogspiration courtesy of Can You Stay for Dinner? I decided to spend part of my Sunday chopping, cooking, tossing and Tupperware-ing some of our favorites to last us Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.


And because breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day and I’m a sucker for warm oats, brown sugar, flax seed and a touch of cinnamon we cooked up a big pot of steel cut oats, topped with the above mentioned toppings and wrapped those suckers in plastic wrap.

wrapped oats

And tomorrow I will take one of these out of the fridge, unwrap, pop in the microwave for a couple minutes, add some milk, maybe some peanut butter or a handful of blueberries and mix it all up.  And maybe some more brown sugar… just maybe.


And then we’re gonna turn this smorgasbord into…


… this.

But we’ll leave out the tomato till the day of so we don’t get the lettuce soggy.


Into my lunch bag these will go, with some chopped tomatoes, hard boiled egg and my own little dressing (olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano, salt & pepper).  Lunch for 2 for 2 days… or however it ends up being consumed because we also have…


Tasty, simple, delicious, easy, amazing pasta salad.

Cook up a pot of whole wheat pasta (we made some asparagus too) and get some of your favorite pasta salad mix-ins together.

Combine pasta, veggies, cheese, dressing and any other stuff of your choice and mix well and pack it up!

The pasta salad above had whole wheat pasta, chopped asparagus, chopped artichoke hearts, chopped red onion, shredded Parmesan, oregano, salt, pepper and a touch of Cesar dressing.

pasta salad

And we’ll stick this “Leaning Tower of Pasta Salad” in the fridge with the rest of the goodies and admire the magic inside that cool ice box.  Not only is it stocked – it’s prepared – which means we have lunch that’s ready already but still home-made.  It’s a win win.

So if you have a couple hours to spare some Sunday soon, might I suggest, doing yourself a favor and giving those Tupperware/Gladware/Whatever ware some much needed pre-packaging lunch time love.

4 thoughts on “I’m working 9-6 – gotta do some cookin’

  1. good job, magpie!! looks so organized! I am trying to do this too… was only able to make a pot of brown rice and some beans – but i guess thats better than nothing!

  2. Good job! I am big fan of making something big on Sunday and packing it for lunches all week. Yesterday I made turkey chili with three beans, yum!

  3. Good work, you two! Work is GOOD for you. Best of luck in your new jobs. Let’s get together and cook sometime. Carol (MOM).

  4. This is just great S&K!! I love having meals prepared for the week, it helps so much in the morning and leaves time for other things!

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